Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventure to the Hidden Paradise in Bali, Nusa Penida Island Part I

Suana Beach
Now I will report on the adventure of Nusa Penida island at first. Arriving at the port, you should immediately hire a motorbike to be much on offer there. Be smart bargain. Usually only 50 thousand rupiah a day. There are 3 bustling port in Nusa Penida, Port Banjar Nyuh Ped village,  Buyuk kutampi village and  Mentigi at Batununggul village.

We should travel through the north coast of Nusa Penida heading east first. In the northern coastal Nusa Penida islands , we will see many fishing settlements. Starting from the village Toyapakeh, ped village, village kutampi, batununggul village, and suana village. In addition to working as a fisherman, resident of the north coast also work as seaweed farmers.

Along the north coast of the island, you will find areas of diving, snorkeling and swimming at the beach. As in Ped Village and Suana. The Batununggul village is the center district, you can find a market, government offices and police stations here. On the north coast is also you can come across lodging-inn, one of the most conveniently located in the village Ped is ring semeton inn. Along the way on the north coast, you will be treated to views of the beach and the sea is quite interesting.

Activities you can do on the north coast of the island is swimming, diving, fishing, planting / harvesting seaweed along the population. For diving and snorkeling I suggest you do it in the Dusun Sental Kangin in Ped Village and Suana village, while the seaweed plant you can do along the northern coast, just go to the farmers who were planting seaweed. they would be happy to welcome you. In sental many tourists who have come there for diving and snorkeling. You can leave your luggage at the home of local residents.While in the area Suana is still very rare  tourists coming, because Suana is east side. In Suana you can rent a traditional boat called jukung to conduct snorkeling, swimming or fishing. fairly 150-250 thousand rupiah. You will be escorted swimming, snorkeling and fishing. But, for swimming and snorkeling equipment is still very low, I suggest you bring your own. Here, there is still no renting equipment professionally. For fishing, local fishermen will lend you voluntarily tackle those who are still modest. In Suana, you can contact Me (Bu) Asih in a small shop east local Village Credit Institutions (LPD). You can leave your stuff there. friendly person, you can also buy food or cold drinks at regular price. Bu Asih will also volunteered to lend a simple toilet. She also got some glass for snorkling

Before you go to another places, do not forget to refuel your vehicle, buy food and drinks. Because other parts of this island, you will be a little trouble finding the shop.

Your adventure in the north coast of Nusa Penida is certainly not be forgotten. New experiences that you can't have it on the Bali island. Interact directly with the people who are still far from tourism activities. enjoy nature still "virgin" in your own way.

Good luck friend ... your journey will be fun ...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Facts About Nusa Penida, Bali

 After finding alternative ways to get to Nusa Penida. it's good before we explore Nusa Penida deeper, we know little data on Nusa Penida.
Nusa Penida is a district, which consists of three inhabited islands. Nusa Penida overall area of ​​land 202,840 square kilometers. In 2010, there were 4.970 hectares of agricultural land, 4.035 hectares of plantation land, 5.333 hectares of forests. Agricultural land and plantation shrinking every year. in 2009, 5.421 hectares of agricultural land and 8.070 hectares of plantation land. There are 16 villages in the district of Nusa Penida. 14 villages on the Nusa Penida island and 2 villages on the lembongan island (lembongan and Jungutbatu Village). The most extensive village is Batukandik (21,660 square kilometers), and which has a most narrow is Toyapakeh (0.650 square kilometers). There are 3 markets in these districts, each village Batununggul, Toyapakeh and Jungutbatu.
Nusa Penida population in 2010, there were 48,075 people, or about 13,359 households (head of household). There were 508 children aged between 7-12 years do not attend school, in 2010. Majority of the Nusa Penida population are farmers (including seaweed farming). In 2010, there were 21,624 people working as farmers, 2.454 to work as breeder, fishermen 2.058 people, 1,243 people work as a trader. From 13,359 households, only 927 households were served water from local companies, the rest utilizing water from wells and rainwater tanks. There were 1.325 poor households in the district of Nusa Penida.
Nusa Penida has tourism potential is very promising, especially from marine tourism.
Nusa Penida waters are part of the world's coral reef triangle. Nusa Penida waters that stores various kinds of marine life. Nearly all coastal dive at Nusa Penida can be done. Nusa Penida is also popular with the advent of sunfish that appeared sometime in september. It attract thousands of tourists to dive with the rare fish. Nusa Penida has infested waters by manta rays, it is also very attractive to tourists. Nusa Penida has a variety of stunning beaches that would be a pity to miss. 
Until now, the booming tourism accommodation limited at lembongan island territories and Ceningan. But in the island of Nusa Penida, tourist accommodation is relatively less.Ring semeton inn a most comfortable accommodation in Nusa Penida island. As well as infrastructure, especially the road is still far below the standard.
Nusa Penida island region is still very natural. So for those of you who are looking for a new adventure, it was not wrong to come to Nusa Penida...... enjoy.......

Then we will review one by one the attractions and tourist activities that can be done in Nusa Penida. please wait for our next article

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nusa Penida to get through Padangbay, Bali

This is the third choice to head the islands Nusa Penida. through the port padangbay.
padangbay port located in Karangasem regency, Bali. located on the southeastern coast of Bali island. to get to the harbor padangbay from Denpasar, you have to drive about 1 hour to the east. crossing of the harbor padangbay using the ferry. ferry services that have the name of Nusa Penida Nusa Jaya Abadi. This boat crossing to Nusa Penida  once a day at 12:00 am.
to get a ticket, you can get on the counters available. remember mention your destination. careful you are wrong to buy tickets, because at this port also serves crossing to the lombok island. in addition to the counter, you can also get tickets through brokers, which of course is more expensive. passenger ticket price at the counter 15 thousand rupiah. Ticket prices for the motorcycle 20 thousand rupiah. when the Hindu feast, your tickets will be very difficult to get, because many Nusa Penida people who had returned home.
crossing towards Nusa Penida will be gone for 45 minutes. This ferry will dock at the port of Nusa Penida Mentigi.
good luck ... hopefully fun

Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Nusa Penida through Kusamba, Klungkung Bali

Than through sanur, we can cross to Nusa Penida through ports Kusamba, klungkung bali. This Kusamba port, serving the island of Nusa Penida route to the lembongan island and the island of Nusa Ceningan.
to get to the port Kusamba, you go to the klungkung district first. travel about 40 minutes to the east of DenpasarKusamba port d about 1 kilometer west of the attractions Goa Lawah.
you can just ask the harbor Kusamba its rural hamlets Kusamba bias. Local residents will surely show it. Arriving at Kusamba, you should immediately buy tickets, costing 20 thousand rupiah. do not forget to mention the island where you will go. waves were pretty big. Kusamba port is the port of goods crossing the Nusa Penida. I suggest you pay for the services of workers to carry you, just five thousand rupiah reward. if you are  fat, you would not mind to give extra wages. the trip will be about 90 minutes. There could sit back on the roof of a boat that has been designed. you will sit cheek by jowl with the local residents. will be a little hot, but if you are lucky. you will see a bunch of dolphins (only in certain seasons). you will also be able to enjoy the northern coast of the island Nusa Penida beautiful from the will also find hundreds of speed boat carrying tourists who dive on the north coast of Nusa Penida.This port serves crossing to nusa penida at 07:30  and 12:00 Bali time
after a course of about 90 minutes you are going through. if you go to the island of Nusa Penida, you will be docked at the port Mentigi. This is the central part of the northern coast of Nusa Penida. if you go to the island lembongan or Ceningan, the boat will drop you in the strait between lembongan and Ceningan.
enjoy your adventure ... feel different sensations ..

Thursday, September 27, 2012

how do I get to Nusa Penida through sanur???

Nusa Penida to go through sanur is very easy. you enough to the beach via the road hangtuang sanur, sanur KFC exact intersection. when he got you on the beach there will be many places selling tickets there.
Nusa Penida consists of three islands, but the crossing speed boat only to the two islands, namely the island of Nusa Penida and Lembongan Island. to get to the island Ceningan, you need to first lembongan island. when he got you on the ticket sales. make sure you get the correct ticket. first tell your destination, the island of Nusa Penida or lembongan island.
speed boat to Nusa Penida some of which are named; CASPLA bali, maruti, sea horses and more. while the island lembongan among others; rocky fast, scoot, sea horses and more.
Ticket prices for the different local foreign tourists. ticket price of  local residents 65 thousands of rupiah, while foreign tourist ticket price range of 150 thousand rupiah.
of all the speed boat has the same standard of service. you will get a bottle of bottled water on the go. life jackets, compass, and radio monitoring. all speed boat is clean and has a large capacity engine. so long a trip is only 30 minutes.
there will be little shock when speeding boat. so if you are a little bit scared, I suggest you to sit in the back seat. but of the whole journey you will definitely secure.
good luck ... Have a nice trip

Monday, September 24, 2012

Traveled to the Hidden Paradise in Bali

It has often been to Bali??? Already Bored with kuta, sanur, Uluwatu, Nusa two, ubud, Tanah lot??? Let's explore the hidden paradise in bali .... Nusa Penida islands. The archipelago consists of three inhabited islands, Nusa Penida, lembongan and Ceningan ..

To get to the islands, we could use a speed boat from sanur (65 thousands rupiah one way ticket, only 30 minutes away),  traditonal boat call sampan from the beach Kusamba klungkung (20 thousands rupiah tickets one way, 90 minutes away), or via the ferry at the harbor padang bay (tickets 20 thousands rupiah one way, 45 minute ride). Especially for ferry crossing, there is only once a day at around 12 pm. in fact we can also cross to Nusa Penida via speed boat in the padang bay but I do not recommend it because it was uncomfortable, complicated, and uncertain schedules speedboat engines are old (often dead) ...

Nusa Penida there?
The beach is still nice and natural, snorkeling areas, landscapes, population lives still simple, underground house, farming seaweed, jumping from the hill (jump off a high cliff into the sea off), yellow bridges. you basically treated to views of nature that is still very natural and away from the tourist bustle.

For accommodation, do not worry, in lembongan and Ceningan are available hotel rate range of 300 thousands rupiah to millions rupiah resort. Nusa Penida island while the only available accommodation price range 100 thousands rupiah until 400 thousand rupiah, I recommend ring semeton inn ( transportation? I suggest you to rent a motorbike at a price 50 thousands rupiah a day, you can ride around at will ...

you can find cheap shop (warung) in Nusa Penida and restaurants in lembongan or Ceningan ..

come on
, ready for adventure discover a hidden paradise in bali???? Come alone .....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida, Bali
From Here, west side of lembongan island nusa penida, you can see a beutyfull sunset......
West Side of Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida, Bali..... Perfect place to see sunset
JungutBatu Village, at Nusa Lembongan Island Nusa Penida
West Side of Lembongan Island.... You Can Enjoy Great Sunset from Here....
Enjoying The Beach..... at Lembongan Island Nusa Penida
Lembongan Beach... North side of Lembongan Island.....
This Is strait Between Lembongan n Ceningan island, a part of nusa penida paradise.... on the left and right you can see mangrove
Yellow Bridge...connecting nusa ceningan island n lembongan island.... amazing view here. you can see perfect sunset here...
This is ceningan island, a part of nusa penida paradise

Atuh Nusa Penida

Just Wow.. It's Atuh.... Nusa Penida the True Paradise


Amazing Atuh Beach....A Paradise Part of Nusa Penida
Enjoying Beutifull View at Atuh Nusa Penida Bali
Nusa Penida Boy, write on the Beach

Local People of Nusa are friendly, simple and religious

Wellcome To Nusa Penida Island....... The Island Of God... Paradise of Bali...

This is Atuh Cliff, East Side Of The Nusa Penida Island