Monday, October 8, 2012

Adventure to the Hidden Paradise in Bali, Nusa Penida Island Part I

Suana Beach
Now I will report on the adventure of Nusa Penida island at first. Arriving at the port, you should immediately hire a motorbike to be much on offer there. Be smart bargain. Usually only 50 thousand rupiah a day. There are 3 bustling port in Nusa Penida, Port Banjar Nyuh Ped village,  Buyuk kutampi village and  Mentigi at Batununggul village.

We should travel through the north coast of Nusa Penida heading east first. In the northern coastal Nusa Penida islands , we will see many fishing settlements. Starting from the village Toyapakeh, ped village, village kutampi, batununggul village, and suana village. In addition to working as a fisherman, resident of the north coast also work as seaweed farmers.

Along the north coast of the island, you will find areas of diving, snorkeling and swimming at the beach. As in Ped Village and Suana. The Batununggul village is the center district, you can find a market, government offices and police stations here. On the north coast is also you can come across lodging-inn, one of the most conveniently located in the village Ped is ring semeton inn. Along the way on the north coast, you will be treated to views of the beach and the sea is quite interesting.

Activities you can do on the north coast of the island is swimming, diving, fishing, planting / harvesting seaweed along the population. For diving and snorkeling I suggest you do it in the Dusun Sental Kangin in Ped Village and Suana village, while the seaweed plant you can do along the northern coast, just go to the farmers who were planting seaweed. they would be happy to welcome you. In sental many tourists who have come there for diving and snorkeling. You can leave your luggage at the home of local residents.While in the area Suana is still very rare  tourists coming, because Suana is east side. In Suana you can rent a traditional boat called jukung to conduct snorkeling, swimming or fishing. fairly 150-250 thousand rupiah. You will be escorted swimming, snorkeling and fishing. But, for swimming and snorkeling equipment is still very low, I suggest you bring your own. Here, there is still no renting equipment professionally. For fishing, local fishermen will lend you voluntarily tackle those who are still modest. In Suana, you can contact Me (Bu) Asih in a small shop east local Village Credit Institutions (LPD). You can leave your stuff there. friendly person, you can also buy food or cold drinks at regular price. Bu Asih will also volunteered to lend a simple toilet. She also got some glass for snorkling

Before you go to another places, do not forget to refuel your vehicle, buy food and drinks. Because other parts of this island, you will be a little trouble finding the shop.

Your adventure in the north coast of Nusa Penida is certainly not be forgotten. New experiences that you can't have it on the Bali island. Interact directly with the people who are still far from tourism activities. enjoy nature still "virgin" in your own way.

Good luck friend ... your journey will be fun ...

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