Thursday, September 27, 2012

how do I get to Nusa Penida through sanur???

Nusa Penida to go through sanur is very easy. you enough to the beach via the road hangtuang sanur, sanur KFC exact intersection. when he got you on the beach there will be many places selling tickets there.
Nusa Penida consists of three islands, but the crossing speed boat only to the two islands, namely the island of Nusa Penida and Lembongan Island. to get to the island Ceningan, you need to first lembongan island. when he got you on the ticket sales. make sure you get the correct ticket. first tell your destination, the island of Nusa Penida or lembongan island.
speed boat to Nusa Penida some of which are named; CASPLA bali, maruti, sea horses and more. while the island lembongan among others; rocky fast, scoot, sea horses and more.
Ticket prices for the different local foreign tourists. ticket price of  local residents 65 thousands of rupiah, while foreign tourist ticket price range of 150 thousand rupiah.
of all the speed boat has the same standard of service. you will get a bottle of bottled water on the go. life jackets, compass, and radio monitoring. all speed boat is clean and has a large capacity engine. so long a trip is only 30 minutes.
there will be little shock when speeding boat. so if you are a little bit scared, I suggest you to sit in the back seat. but of the whole journey you will definitely secure.
good luck ... Have a nice trip

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