Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some Facts About Nusa Penida, Bali

 After finding alternative ways to get to Nusa Penida. it's good before we explore Nusa Penida deeper, we know little data on Nusa Penida.
Nusa Penida is a district, which consists of three inhabited islands. Nusa Penida overall area of ​​land 202,840 square kilometers. In 2010, there were 4.970 hectares of agricultural land, 4.035 hectares of plantation land, 5.333 hectares of forests. Agricultural land and plantation shrinking every year. in 2009, 5.421 hectares of agricultural land and 8.070 hectares of plantation land. There are 16 villages in the district of Nusa Penida. 14 villages on the Nusa Penida island and 2 villages on the lembongan island (lembongan and Jungutbatu Village). The most extensive village is Batukandik (21,660 square kilometers), and which has a most narrow is Toyapakeh (0.650 square kilometers). There are 3 markets in these districts, each village Batununggul, Toyapakeh and Jungutbatu.
Nusa Penida population in 2010, there were 48,075 people, or about 13,359 households (head of household). There were 508 children aged between 7-12 years do not attend school, in 2010. Majority of the Nusa Penida population are farmers (including seaweed farming). In 2010, there were 21,624 people working as farmers, 2.454 to work as breeder, fishermen 2.058 people, 1,243 people work as a trader. From 13,359 households, only 927 households were served water from local companies, the rest utilizing water from wells and rainwater tanks. There were 1.325 poor households in the district of Nusa Penida.
Nusa Penida has tourism potential is very promising, especially from marine tourism.
Nusa Penida waters are part of the world's coral reef triangle. Nusa Penida waters that stores various kinds of marine life. Nearly all coastal dive at Nusa Penida can be done. Nusa Penida is also popular with the advent of sunfish that appeared sometime in september. It attract thousands of tourists to dive with the rare fish. Nusa Penida has infested waters by manta rays, it is also very attractive to tourists. Nusa Penida has a variety of stunning beaches that would be a pity to miss. 
Until now, the booming tourism accommodation limited at lembongan island territories and Ceningan. But in the island of Nusa Penida, tourist accommodation is relatively less.Ring semeton inn a most comfortable accommodation in Nusa Penida island. As well as infrastructure, especially the road is still far below the standard.
Nusa Penida island region is still very natural. So for those of you who are looking for a new adventure, it was not wrong to come to Nusa Penida...... enjoy.......

Then we will review one by one the attractions and tourist activities that can be done in Nusa Penida. please wait for our next article

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  1. Hello, you give some interesting information about Nusa Penida; notably hectares of agricultural land, hectares of plantation land, and of forests.
    Could you please give your sources? I would like to use for a paper!